Technical Support

Technical Services

The company has now developed into a technological, mechanical and electrical product industry and trade enterprise with a certain scale and strength. After passing the ISO9001-2000 quality certification in 2003, it passed the ISO9001-2008 quality certification in 2009.

 is mainly engaged in the import and export of mechanical and electrical products. The products and parts operated by the company are becoming more and more abundant from projects to varieties, and the industries involved are more and more extensive. The customers are all over the country, and they have certain markets in the United States, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.

 adhere to the principle of "quality first", most of the products are the products of world-class companies.

The products operated by the company have obvious advantages in price and delivery time, and enjoy a good reputation among domestic counterparts. Especially in terms of diesel engines, our company manages engines, generator sets and parts of American brands such as Cummins, Caterpillar, DETROIT DIESEL, JOHN DEERE, WAUKESHA, etc. . Cummins parts inventory and market sales are among the forefront of domestic counterparts.